The Girls


Blue Diamond Bullys Fancy Farrah

Farrah is our goofy, loving little bulldozer! With dogs like AKC Loveland’s Ace and a host of Genesis OEB blood in her pedigree, Farrah’s babies are a balance of classic bully looks and function.

1. Color:          Brindle triple carrier

2. Height:       15.5″

3. Weight:       52 lbs

4. Registry:     PBKC


KountryBullz’ Crazy Cupcake of Muddy Waters

Sired by Rare Bulldogs’ Amore Cadbury and bred by KountryBullz, Cupcake is as sweet as her name. She brings a pedigree that compliments our program and direction.

1. Color:          Lilac Sable

2. Height:       15″

3. Weight:       50 lbs

4. Registry:     IOEBA


Muddy Waters’ Collectors Edition Vega Showgirl

Vega is our special homegrown girl from 1 Bulldog Nation’s Rocco and Poppa’s Chloe. She’s a fun-loving beauty with some great dogs behind her, and her babies should all have that unique ‘Muddy Waters’ look!

1. Color:          Blue tri triple carrier

2. Height:       15.5″

3. Weight:       58 lbs

4. Registry:     PBKC


Muddy Waters’ Merle Princess Pearl

Oh, Pearl. A stunning ghost merle out of Phoenix Blues’ Fading Jewel and our boy Opie … with eyeliner to die for! Pups will have vigor, athleticism, and beautiful coat patterns in more traditional colours.

1. Color:          Fawn / Ghost merle

2. Height:        16″

3. Weight:       60 lbs

4. Registry:     IOEBA


Muddy Waters’ Artemis Divine

Artemis is a Rango daughter. She was the chubby, wrinkly, squishy little baby bulldog of your dreams… and her babies will be too, in a rainbow of colours! We are hoping to have a litter from Artie in early 2020.

1. Color:          Lilac tri pied

2. Height:        14.5″

3. Weight:       50 lbs

4. Registry:     IOEBA

CHLOE (Retired)

Poppa’s Chloe of Muddy Waters

We feel very fortunate to have been able to add a girl like Chloe to our program. Chloe is now retired from breeding and splits her time between snoozing on the couch and playing fetch with her favorite red Jolly Ball.

1. Color:          Black tri

2. Height:       14″

3. Weight:       50 lbs

4. Registry:     PBKC

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