Gretta 2016

“Back in 2008 we got our first Old English Bulldog and fell in love with the breed. We lost our boy Clyde in 2015 and got Norman, our Standard Schnauzer. Our lives were still not complete … we needed our Bulldog. This was when I came across the website for Muddy Waters Bulldogs. When I spotted the picture of Gretta (then Nova) it was love at first sight! We had her a few days later. She has been a great addition to our family and a great playmate for Norman. She has a spunky little personality and is super lovable! She loves taking the kids to school and is great with all the kids, and very popular!


Allison has been great to deal with and we stay in touch with updates. I would recommend Muddy Waters Bulldogs to anyone looking for a furry new family member!

Thank you Muddy Waters for my fur daughter Gretta!”

– The Cooper Family

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